Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mapping Complete

Its a little later than usual for an orienteering event but mapping has just wrapped up for the Urban Enduro. When you are working on an uber project, like the City of Wellington map, it is just hard to know when to stop. Every hour of fieldwork discovers great new challenges to add to the mix. In my own city I have found places that I never knew existed. Alleyways that lead to nowhere. Underpasses that just keep on going. I have found the resting spots of many of the cities homeless and places that even they haven't found yet.

The courses are coming together well.  Nick Hann and Tim Robertson know what they are doing when it comes to the creative expression of urban orienteering.

The entries are slow. I guess with something new everyone is always a little nervous, and the Urban Enduro isn't for everyone. It is definitely a soup best fed to the orienteering connoisseur. That is fine by us. A test run perhaps for bigger things to come, a more intimate event with a smaller group to share the experience, true geek out orienteering sessions for the chosen few. Come and join us, but only if you are really keen!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Start Location and Times

Another new part of the uber Wellington city sprint map has just been completed for the Urban Enduro. Wellington Central Railway station and surrounding blocks is an exciting mixture of platforms, underpasses and vast halls ready for exploration. Each day of the Urban Enduro will start somewhere in the Station, you will be emailled mini maps as part of the pre-event information to help you find the starter, who will make the clear/check/start and maps available for you!

We have also decided upon start times for the three events, with participants travel requirements closest to our mind, as well as the vibe of the event. We are expecting race time for the fastest competitor to be around 60 minutes, with the complete journey taking all competitors maximum 3hrs per day.

25th April (Friday) - Start 2pm
26th April (Saturday) - Start 2pm
27th April (Sunday) - Start 8am

Make that decision to join us for the inaugural Urban Enduro.